Issue #4 — Fight like Superfoot, Bruce Lee Deep Fake, Hand Wrapping, and Fighting an Inner Bully



A Martial Artist Fights Her Inner Bully — The Epoch Times
"Theresa Byrne is a fourth degree blackbelt who suffered a traumatic brain injury following a car crash"

Chicago hospital using martial arts to treat Parkinson's diseaseFox 32 Chicago
"We all know karate is a martial arts discipline that is also a great form of exercise. But what about using it as a treatment for a debilitating disease? One local hospital is taking an unusual approach to treating Parkinson’s disease."

China-Russia Fantasy Film With Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarzenegger Finally Gets Release DateThe Holywood Reporter
"The first film to co-star the two action legends, 'The Mystery of the Dragon Seal: Journey to China,' is a co-production featuring wizards, princesses, martial arts masters and 'the king of all dragons.'"

This 81-year-old karate champ's workout probably puts yours to shame —
"The two-hour regimen at Harrogate, a Lakewood retirement community where he lives, is hardcore, just the way Alexander -- who is 81 -- likes it"

Jones seeks legendary status with third Olympic gold at Tokyo 2020 — Inside the Games
"World taekwondo champion Jade Jones believes she would achieve legendary status if she were to secure gold at Tokyo 2020."

Hand Wrapping Done RightMuay Thai Training Tips, Workouts & Techniques
Learn how to wrap your hands the right way from the top coach, Ben Stark. Video also included in the post. 

The Dangers and Myths of Hollywood Martial Arts — Martial Journal   
"Martial arts movies are not reality. They are not combat, and they do not intend to teach technique. It is choreographed fantasy that plenty of misguided people are eager to imitate on camera, on social media, and sometimes on the street which can be deadly..."

The 12 Stoic Principles Every Athlete Needs To Win (In Sports and Life) — Daily Stoic
"Forged on the battlefield and the political arena, it is no surprise that the Stoic teachings have been widely embraced by athletes and the sports community at large. The Stoic philosophers drew constant parallels between the athlete and the philosopher, claiming that body and mind are one, and that mental dispositions are crucial for performance."

UFC 240 — Newsday
"Scenes from UFC 240, where Max Holloway defeated Frankie Edgar in a featherweight championship main event, on Saturday, July 27, 2019 at Rogers Place in Edmonton."

3 Unusual Ways to Open the GuardJiu-Jitsu Brotherhood
"Before a guard can be passed it has to be opened. These three techniques each employ a specific mechanic that makes it hard for the bottom player to keep his ankles crossed and allow the passer to ‘break’ open the guard, from where it’s far easier to get to advance to a control position."

How to Prevent Quits from Conflicting ActivitiesKovar Systems Blog
"Back to School season is almost here and many of your junior students are going to be engaging in new after school activities (for us, it’s soccer). The challenge is to proactively try to reduce the number of students that want to quit or put your program on hold due to another activity."

The Problem of Presentism in the Chinese “Martial Arts” — Kung Fu Tea
"My biggest frustration is that the Chinese martial arts are so often portrayed in a remote, mysterious or down-right orientalist way.  And yet all the Chinese martial artists that I have encountered are modern individuals who have integrated these practices into their daily lives.  In attempting to stabilize these practices “exotic” and “mysterious” origins, we lose sight of their lived reality and dynamism."


Punches in BunchesFight for a Happy Life Podcast (Episode 73)
"In business, relationships, and on the mats, the biggest winners I know are also the biggest losers! That’s because the secret to success isn’t always WHAT you do, but how often you do it. But the more you do something, the more often you’re going to FAIL.

So, in this episode, let’s take a look at what it means to be a “good loser” and get ready to chase down our dreams until we hear the final bell."

The Power of DisciplineSatori Lifestyle Podcast (Episode 27)
"Join Dave Kovar, as he talks about how to improve your lifestyle every day."

Kru Christopher BallardWhistlekick Martial Arts Radio (Episode 416)
"Kru Christopher Ballard is a martial art practitioner and instructor at the United Fighting Arts Institute in Vermont."


How To Fight Sideways Like Bill "Superfoot" Wallace — Jesse Enkamp ft. Bill Wallace
Proof that how you train is how you fight. Watch Mike Tyson perform the drills that he deployed in his fights. Which often led to knockout blows.
Martial Artists Are The Worst Self Defense Experts • Ft. Iain Abernethy — Martial Arts Journey 

Do you agree with this sentiment? 
Bruce Lee's Matrix [DeepFake]


Dan Inosanto — August 3 & 4, 2019. Marina Del Rey, CA. 
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